The Details

About Me


I grew up in a small town called Crossville in Tennessee.


Base Camp Coding Academy is a 12-month fast-paced program that teaches recent highschool graduates to become full-stack Software Developers as well as teach you some Life-Leadership skills

Work Mentality

Maintaining a strong work mentality took some time but I grew up working at very young age and got a plenty of experience through many establishments


My goal is to be able to implement code into anything and be able ot expand my knowledge for it and use it in the real world and start a career.

My projects

Air in a Can

This fake business site used vanilla HTML and CSS, that sells air in can... yeah you read that right.

Dog Store

This project used Python, HTML/CSS, javascript and the framework Django. It imitates a dog store and all products it sells.

Thief Game

This project used HTML/CSS, javascript. It's your classic arrow key game where you have to get the bag of money. Theres different modes and layouts.