Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I am currently enrolled at Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, Mississippi. Base Camp is a 11-month fast paced program that teaches us the fundamental skills to be a full-stack web application developer including giving us an insight on the real world and how to build our names and start a career through networking and programming

My projects

Dog Store

Created using HTMl, CSS, Javascript, and the framework Django

This project imitates a dog store. It contains products and services for your dogs that you can purchase!

  • - Devoted appropriate attention to all responsibilities for all team members for efficient team work
  • - Implemented JavaScript for more user-friendly experience and interface
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Air in a Can

Created using HTML and CSS

This fake business website that sells air in can. yeah you read that right. Showcases products, pricing and how their made

  • - Solicited feedback from classmates and instructors for successful integrations and improvement
  • - responsive, mobile friendly for better UX (user experience)
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Thief Game

Created using HTMl, CSS and JavaScript

It's your classic arrow key game where you have to get the bag of money. There's different modes to choose from and random map layouts.

  • - used Javascript for grid layout and movement of character
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While at Base Camp I have been hard and work developing my proficiency in Python, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Django, and Java.


Oscar Guzman