My Projects

Air in a can


This project was a website made from scratch. A fake business site that sells something so boring thats made into something interesting


HTML, CSS & Javascript

This project was a website personally made, as well as from scratch. It shows my view on music and some tracks that can make your day

About me

Base Camp Coding Academy

BCCA is a 12-month fast-paced program that teaches recent highschool graduates to become full-stack Software Developers as well as teach you some Life-Leadership skills

Work Mentality

My working mentality took many years to get. maintaining a job as well as good grades could be very stressfull, but after years of experience, it almost seems like a normal day

Where I'm from

I have been raised around many places but one that I like to call home would be in Crossville Tn, A small town with not much but the people in it helped me have more experience with verbal communication

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